we help clients build healthy, more inclusive communities


Getting your voice heard requires being both innovative and informed. 

We help our clients identify political risks and opportunities and prepare them to participate in the public policy process.

We firmly believe politics matters – to all organisations regardless of their size or sector. 

Our Associates are seasoned political advisors.  We understand the delicate relationship between public opinion, the media and political actors. 

Keeping a close eye on policy threats and opportunities is essential to your success. We actively monitor municipal, provincial and federal legislative activity, including committee work. 

It is our goal to be your trusted advisers. 


Forward-thinking organizations understand the importance of keeping key stakeholders informed and engaged.  Communicating effectively builds trust and deepens affinity.  

 We help clients build resonant content that connects with the right people at the right time.  

A strong strategic communication plan helps with operational efficiencies and offers stability to support you during turbulent times.

Our team will work with you to build a complete communication plan or a plan for a particular project.


Your stakeholders deserve a process that asks the right questions and leverages the right tools to connect.  Expectations are often high and their time is limited.

We offer clients evidence-based engagement and consultation strategies that lead to deeper connections.

Our team can build an engagement strategy that is scaled to your goals and budget.